How do I play Gods Attributes iPad game?

Gods Attributes iPad game, patterned after games like Free Cell, Mahjong, and Sudoku, is a game that one person can play over and over at a comfortable pace. We here at grafiji like to call it “Solitaire for the soul“. When our  testers who had a sneak peek of God’s Attributes played for more than 20 minutes before taking a short break, we new we had a hit!

While the concept is simple, game play can get quite tricky.. leading to hours of fun.


Step 1 – slide letters onto the board

Step 1 - Slide your letters into place

Can you guess the word on row 3?


  • The game starts by picking a theme, then choosing words  or phrases from various bible verses that fit that theme.
  • You have to guess those words or phrases by placing letters onto the board each time a new letter appears.








Step 2 – complete words or phrases

Step 2 - score points for guessing correctly

What verse did this word come from?


Once you guess a word or phrase

  • you gain points in the form of “manna”
  • you improve your ranking
  • you find out the verse where the word phrase is found
  • and you have an opportunity to take notes





Game play ends when you guess all of the word phrases, run out of playable letters, or run out of manna.



Originally designed as a Bible study aid, “God’s Attributes – Solitaire for the soul” is an ad-free, Biblical word guessing game that moves at your pace. We researched all words and phrases used in the game for their original meaning in Hebrew texts, pulled directly from various translations of Old Testament / Tanakh verses.
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($0.99 – helps pay the bills so that we can keep it ad free)