HypochondriApp – update 2020

HypochondriApp Injury TrackerAn injury tracker is a new category of health and fitness app (innovated by grafiji Entertainment, LLC) for apps that track and measure the progress of injuries,  aches, or health related pain.

HypochondriApp takes it a step further by helping you spot trends, patterns and relationships between aches, pains, injuries, mood and more. Its sophisticated event tracking system takes the guesswork out of knowing when issues start, resolve, or recur – without all the ads and complicated medical jargon.

Available on the App Store

($0.99 – helps pay the bills so that we can keep it ad free)

Gods Attributes iPad Game Update

God's Attributes logoGod’s Attributes – Solitaire for the soul” is an ad-free, Biblical word guessing game that moves at your pace. We researched all words and phrases used in the game for their original meaning in Hebrew texts, pulled directly from various translations of Old Testament / Tanakh verses.
God's Attributes
($0.99 – helps pay the bills so that we can keep it ad free)