Takes the guesswork out of knowing when issues start, resolve, or recur – no ads, no medical jargon.

Start tracking your issue now while it is still fresh on your mind!



Record a Gripe (ache, pain, injury, attitude, etc.)

Tap the area of your body where you feel the issue (TIP: tapping heart, head, and outside the body give you a few ’emotion’ choices), choose the best fit to record the issue in your journal…

Review Trends, Patterns, and Details of a Gripe

In the journal, tap the issue that you want to review. The item expands to show stats and briefly highlights similar entries…

God's Attributes

Record Personalized Comments

Click the issue that you are interested in changing. Tap the date to change when it started, or tap the comment and type your own notes. Click “Done”…

Update the Status of an On-Going Issue

Click the checkmark to resolve the issue, click “ok” to keep it unresolved and noteworthy, or choose any other options to record improvement or worsening of the issue…

Keep Accurate Dates and Times

Once you resolve a gripe, you can no longer change the date that the issue started, but you can change the resolution date – just in case you didn’t have your phone with you when you noticed the issue was gone…

There’s so much more to explore!

God's Attributes

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